Finding The Words Game

Find the Words

A quick and very easy icebreaker.



Post It Notes (Hundreds)

Sharpie Marker Pens


Scenario Cards

So, this game, which was premiered at the last Flying Monkey's event,  is devised to have people learn to express themselves under limited resources.

Often when asked to say something under difficult circumstances, people respond “I cannot Find the Words”. This game is designed to help them find the words.

Begin by handing everyone in your group a pad of Post It notes. 

Give them precisely five minutes to write on each note a separate word; nouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs, conjunctions etc etc.

Collect all the Post It Notes in a bucket.

Now ask your group to take a handful / a few handfuls of the Post It notes and distribute them around the room. They can be as visible as people wish, but emphasize that the more precious words should be perhaps hidden as treasure and demand more effort to find.

Reconvene and now present each person in the group with a Scenario card:

A scenario card should demand that each participant “Find The Words” to say something specific.


“Find the Words…to leave your lover”

“Find the Words…to say goodbye to your best friend”

“Find the Words…to bring comfort to someone suffering”

“Find the Words…to make a child smile”

Now, each participant will embark on a treasure hunt to make a sentence/ paragraph that will achieve the demands stated on the Scenario Cards.

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